At Jansy, we turn creative theory into reality. From saving you money on existing production, to a full brand refresh, or the design and manufacture of a unique packaging system, we can jump in at any point of the packaging process and add value.

Our Jansy

Design, Packaging, & Logistics Innovation

Practical Creativity™ isn’t just marketing speak. It’s the reason why clients invite Jansy Packaging to strategic planning meetings about their brand, their products, and their packaging. Practical Creativity™ is our process, our guiding principle, and our rallying cry. It’s what separates us from design boutiques that lack the engineering know-how and manufacturing firms that lack creativity.

We design it, engineer it, test it, and produce it.

We are committed to bringing you the right solution, in the right material, at the right price, every time. This includes:

Worldwide service: We have offices in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, as well as manufacturing locations in China and North America.

Design driven: We are design driven because that’s where the innovation happens. It just so happens that we know how to engineer our own designs as we go.

Production ready: Going one step further, once your product has been designed and tested, we are able to produce it for you, if needed, with high quality results.

How We Got Here

In 2004, BurgopakUSA, an award-winning global design firm, launched in the U.S. following the expansive European growth of the Burgopak Slider. Built on dual strengths in packaging design and engineering, our goal has always been to give customers the ultimate in complete packaging solutions.

In 2012, BurgopakUSA undertook a strategic merger with Jansy Packaging, a powerful global packaging supplier. This partnership improved our capabilities and customer service three-fold: Strengthening our supply base
Expanding our already broad access to extremely competitive and capable manufacturing partners
Adding to our global lineup of designers and engineers

Design & Manufacturing Without Limits

Today, we promise and deliver the best production solution to any packaging problem.

We utilize a worldwide manufacturing network to inspire designs without limitations of materials or methods. We have people in every region who guarantee quality, while driving consistent and timely product supply. And with warehousing facilities in New Jersey, Chicago and Los Angeles, we offer JIT delivery with the cost savings of offshore production.

By leveraging our London, UK heritage with a USA team, we’ve built a packaging design business focused on one simple but enduring principle: Practical Creativity™. Through successful application of that principle, we’ve become a key creative and manufacturing partner to a wide range of world-class brands, including P&G, Starbucks, LG, Jawbone, Nike, and more.

To learn more, contact Jansy online or at 855.782.0639 today.

We Oversee the Workflow

So You Don’t Have to.

From budget controls to quality management, we make sure your product maintains the integrity of your creative direction and brand awareness.

From Design to Full-Scale Production

We work to understand the unique needs of every client. We help you discover a map to success so you can enjoy and control every phase of the designing, prototyping, manufacturing, and managing process.

  • Idea Creation

    We’ll work with you to completely understand your brand and find the best way to convey it.

  • Structural Design

    Everything we do is injected with creativity. Our structures are innovative and diverse, enhancing the product.

  • Graphic Design

    We are purveyors of personality, giving every package its own unique identity. We make sure that the artwork is print ready and exactly what our clients expect.

  • Prototyping

    We have a reputation for working with leading brands on responsible and sustainable packaging.

  • Production Artwork

    From brand template creation and translation services, to proofing and color management, to third party artwork QC — it’s all about accuracy.

  • Production Sourcing

    Our vendor relationships are key partnerships that allow us to offer you on time, accurate, and market-leading packaging, all with a high standard of quality.

  • Project Management

    Innovation can’t happen without careful collaboration and attention to detail. That means open communication with all involved — clients, partners, everyone.