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From cosmetics to high-end liqueurs, Jansy’s in-house engineering team can create and produce a total packaging solution that markets and sells your brand. We have the latest technology to fit your needs, including 3D printers for prototyping and silkscreen, metallizing, and anodizing machines to ensure you get the best designs and consistent results.

  • Multi-material Global Supply

  • In House Mockups

  • Validation and QC

  • R&D

Global Partnerships for Our Materials

Packaging Solutions with Your Brand in Mind

We partner with vendors from around the globe to offer our clients materials that work with their specific packaging and design needs. Our global supply footprint and material flexibility allows Jansy's in-house production team to create environmentally-responsible, industry-leading packaging and design that sells your product and lets your brand stand out from the competition.

Working with Market-Leading Partners to Deliver a Better Packaging Product.

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Accurate Packaging Prototypes

Mockups & Services from Our In-House Team

Having the latest technology is key in getting your company’s ideas from the page and into reality. Our production and design teams have state-of-the-art capabilities, such as the latest tech and fully functioning 3D prototyping machinery, to get you accurate and timely mockups for your brand or product.

Jansy Packaging’s Capabilities Outstretch the Competition.

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A High-Standard of Quality Control

Providing Perfect Packaging for Our Clients

Before we move forward with any packaging design, Jansy Packaging goes through a rigorous process of validation and quality control. We work with your company to deliver packaging that you love, that fits your brand, and that sells your product. From mockup to final product, we make sure the packaging always fits your vision.

The latest testing capabilities. Thorough quality control. Multiple accreditations.

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Research & Development

Comprehensive Testing to Deliver Results

Our packaging design team never lets a product go to market without undergoing a thorough research and development phase. This includes getting to know your business, understand your brand, and always keeping your ideas at the forefront of our minds. Our in-house teams work with you throughout the process to create packaging that really sells your product.

Our attention to detail sets us apart. We create unique identity for your brand.

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From Product Design to Full-Scale Production

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