Jansy Packaging is Coming to LUXE PACK New York

One of the most important parts of product marketing is its packaging. The packaging is the first thing a consumer sees and its aim is to sell the consumer on what's inside the box. In fact, 64% of consumers will try a new product solely based on its packaging, according to BRANDPACKAGING Magazine. Packaging reflects the brand's mission, personality, and image. Successful product packaging is the difference between convincing a consumer to purchase the product and leaving it behind.

Color & Consumer Behavior

Color is a crucial element of a product's packaging design, but it also can have an effect on the consumer's behavior and attitudetowards the product. Depending on the nature and type of product, the colors used tend to match what the product is selling. Health and wellness products, for example, will typically incorporate a lot of whites and pastel colors to project a softer and cleaner image.

Branded Packaging

There are few companies that have made a name for themselves simply in the way their products are packaged, and customers associate the brand with its packaging design. Technology products such as cell phones, laptops, and tables often come in packaging that is sleek, cutting-edge, and simplistic.


The color patterns product packaging uses correlates to the patterns consumers expect to see, depending on the product. You'll notice that luxury items will typically use a design that is more regal and incorporates patters with golds and blacks, while products that evoke high-energy and excitement will use sharply-cut patterns.

Jansy specializes in custom packaging solutions, designs, and production. Our team is constantly pushing the boundaries and providing product packaging that is eye-catching and high quality. We've worked with LG, Kate Spade, and Nike. To learn more about our services, call us today at (855) 782-0639.