Four Questions to Ask About Your Product Packaging

Some marketers pose the question to their clients: "Does your product packaging make an impression?" Product packaging, however-whetherif it's on shelves or already in the hands of consumer-makes an impression whether businesses want it to or not. Sometimes that impression is off-putting or easy to ignore. Other times, it can elicit a positive response that invites the consumer to a new experience.

At Jansy Packaging, we believe that businesses should have the tools and insight they need to best determine what that impression is going to be for their product. Below, we look at some of the basic questions we ask whenever we are designing product packaging for a client.

Is it distinct?

This is the most common factor that client businesses want to pinpoint: does their product appear as if it is offering something different than its competition? We look at current marketplace packaging to see what's out there and how our structural and graphic design can break away from that orbit. This just doesn't just mean "leap of the shelf" design-even if customers are receiving their item in the mail, Jansy wants those customers to feel as if they've just acquired something truly singular even before they've opened it.

Does it express authority?

Client businesses usually have just spent months, even years developing and perfecting a product before making it available to the public. The confidence, pride, and excitement that they have in that product needs to infused in the packaging, as well. Packaging that is made of low quality material or design that is bland, "cartoony," or out-of-touch can instantly communicate to a customer that it's worth passing by. At Jansy, we strive to provide product packaging that doesn't just feel "new" or "fun" or "colorful," but is confident about its space in the marketplace.

Is it emotional?

Some clients are caught off-guard when we speak with them about the emotions involved with their product, but think about the last time you bought one of your favorite items. Was there anticipation? Reassurance? Relief? Curiosity? It's the burden of the product packaging to produce these moments with the consumer. At Jansen, we ask yourselves what kind of individual is seeking out our client's product and what kind of emotional impression they might not expect (but most appreciate).

Is it "you?"

Ultimately, your product packaging must be an extension of your business' brand. While every product demands its own, unique considerations when it comes to packaging, design, and presentation, the overarching qualities of the client's strengths and values must also be present and discernible.We work with clients to get this delicate mixture right and ensure that the final product announces an exciting new chapter for your brand.

Have you asked yourself these questions about your current product packaging? Not thrilled about the answers? Then our team at Jansy is ready to hear from you. From the very first moments of creative inspiration to the production and managing process, our passionate team is ready to partner with you and ensure that your product's introduction to the world is as impactful as possible.

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