Five Don'ts of Product Packaging

Even when businesses have a lot of good ideas about what they want their product packaging to do, it can be easy to lose sight of what it shouldn't do. At Jansy Packaging, we pride ourselves on making our client's visions for their product packaging come to life-while also consulting and helping them avoid common mistakes found on shelves and in online shopping carts. Let's take a few of the most common below.

Lack of Honesty

Above all, it is crucial that you are accurate with any representations of your product on the face of your packaging. This includes in any copy on the packaging, but also in any images, as well. Nothing is worse to an excited consumer than opening their purchase and being disappointed with the actual product.

Lack of Branding

Every branding strategy is different, but for those companies that want their newest product to be an extension of their brand, that extension must be evident on the product packaging. Many companies cultivate trust and confidence in the marketplace with successful branding and new, properly branded product offerings are one of the best ways to be present before the eyes of shoppers.

Lack of Economy

Shipping product is a significant expense for companies and can quickly skyrocket with bulky or inefficient packaging. At Jansy, we know that every centimeter of our clients' packaging equals money that they have to spend shipping it. That is why we work to create dynamic, lean packaging solutions that protect and showcase the product without producing unnecessary shipping costs.

Lack of Convenience

Your packaging needs to protect your product during shipping and showcase your product during display-but does it accidentally do anything else? Is it awkward to hold? Difficult or messy to open? Does it fail and cause spills, drops, or expiration of any kind? These secondary annoyances make all the difference for consumers and should be squashed in the design and/or quality control process.

Lack of Personality

Is the design of your packaging uninspired? Does your copy lack "a voice?" Consumers have never had the scope of choice and convenience that they have today when making buying decisions. If your packaging is generic, bland, or derivative, it is likely going to be lost in the sea of choices consumers are faced with every day.

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