The Packaging Trends of 2016

Modern culture is constantly going through different trends and product packaging is part of that tapestry. Earlier this year, The Dieline took a detailed look at some of the most prominent trends hitting store shelves in 2016 and what they mean to consumers.

"As Simple As Possible"

Minimalism had made a huge comeback the last few years and is still going strong in 2016.The Dieline notes that designers have "simplified the message and stated it clearly and boldly across the face of the packaging" and the text-based designs come off as "refreshing and honest." Tylenol, Trident, and upstart companies have taken advantage of this style to engage shopper with bold, clean presentations.

"Geometry 101"

The Dieline notes that, like simple designs, a focus on geometry has emerged that "treat the mindset of a weary, overwhelmed consumer." Here, we see design that leans on patterns and shapes (rather than photography) and bright, basic, high-contract color palettes. Corinne Cosmetics, Don & Brook, and Meld have all turned to this approach to standout with a reduced, less-is-more presentation.

"Ornately Old-Fashioned"

We've talked about the power of nostalgia on this blog before and the power old-fashioned designs have to engage customers. The Dieline agrees: countless companies have turned to this avenue that takes the "best parts of different periods of our history and juxtaposes them." Companies like Dr. Feelgood ice cream, Shadow Beer, and Don Papa rum have turned not to the future, but to the past to inspire and entice consumers.

"Shelf Life"

What about products that not only look good on store shelves-- but in the shelves of your home? The Dieline notes that many designers and companies have used this beautification approach to shift "the mind of the customer from disposability to keepability and from a tendency to hide the objects to a pride in sharing them." Items that stay displayed in a home means increased exposure to guests, as well. Don Mataias, Nutrilinx, and Honest Company have all turned to this strategy for their products.

Do I Have to Follow Trends?

While it is attractive to jump into something that has already proved successful in the marketplace, joining in should always be mindful decision. Does a trendy approach fit your product? Your brand? Your specific market? If it doesn't, then following trends just to be trendy may not be the way to go.

At Jansy Packaging, we work with all our clients to create tailored, dynamic designs that are not just right for the featured product but keep the entire marketplace in mind. Want to learn more? Contact our team today!

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