Creating an "Unboxing" Experience

"Unboxing." It's probably a term you've seen floating around the web, especially in anticipation of highly-publicized products. While unboxing videos have become a YouTube staple for giant brands like Apple, unboxing also describes the experience that all consumers have when they first get their hands on your product. Start-ups, subscription services, and e-commerce companies have found new and innovative ways to engage with and endear themselves to consumers as they unbox their products for the very first time.

What Goes Into An Unboxing Experience?

Perhaps the most important step to creating an unboxing experience is presenting an intriguing or enticing product package to begin with. This can incorporate all of the elements of effective product package design: unique shapes, high-quality or atypical materials, evocative graphics, engaging copy, etc. Anything that can communicate to the consumer that they've just acquired something uncommon and well-crafted.

Of course, what goes into the box is important, as well. The product, yes, but also the presentation of the product as the consumer unboxes. Additional materials, like notes from the company, small gifts, or branding materials (i.e. stickers, etc.) can also make a great impression with customers and help foster a personal bond with the brand.

Why Is It So Important?

Unboxing experiences may seem extravagant, but creating them for consumers has already proven to be beneficial for many companies. Dotcom Distributions 2013 e-commerce packaging survey produced some surprising numbers: 40% of consumers would share a photo of a product on social media if they felt that it "came in a unique, branded, or gift-like box." Additionally, more than half of consumers said that they were likely to make repeat purchases from a company that used premium packaging.

Are you interested in creating an unboxing experience for your customers? At Jansy Packaging, we've worked with major brands to create unique and striking product packaging solutions-from initial designs to final productions. Contact our team today to learn more about what Jansy can do for you and your product.