Subverting Expectations With Your Product Packaging

Most people have been interacting with product packaging since they were small children and, for the most part, those experiences have likely been unremarkable or mundane. Recently, however, we have seen a rise in product packing that challenges the expectations of consumers to create a lasting impression. When done right, this kind of subversion can delight consumers and even help inspire buzz and brand loyalty. Below, let's take a look at three key ways companies subvert the expectations of consumers with their product packaging.

Packaging "Against Type"

As consumers, we associate certain products with a certain type of packaging. Wine in bottles. Cereal in boxes. Candy in wrappers. But what if you received an item that came in packaging the resembled something entirely different? What if a personal device came in a Chinese takeout box? Or makeup was packaged in salt and pepper shakers? This approach can be playful and offer insight into a brand's irreverent take on the marketplace.

Presentation Packaging

For most products, unboxing is an unglamorous process. There can be filling or Styrofoam to deal with, instructions to recover, things to throw away. What if, however, unboxing was easy and beautiful? Subscription services like Trunk Club have excelled by delivering product packaging that presents products that seem photo shoot-ready. This kind of presentation is unexpected and refreshing to consumers who have spent years cutting their way into boxes to find products impersonally bagged in plastic.

Bonus Items

Finding additional items in your product packaging can be a welcome treat for consumers. Small promotional gifts, branding materials, and personal notes can feel like a line of communication between the consumer and the brand. Bonus items also foster the idea that a product was mindfully packaged with the consumer in mind-and wasn't just another box on an assembly line.

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