Lessons from a "World's Most Iconic Packaging" List

In 2014, CBS put together of a list of "10 of the world's most iconic packages." While maybe not particularly comprehensive, the list does contain some of the most prominent and well-recognized product packages in the American marketplace. Let's take a closer look at three important takeaways from a list like this and what elements could be borrowed to inspire packaging for your product.

Color Matters

Remarkably, the CBS list features numerous packages all sporting the same color palette: red, white, and black. There's Campbell's Soup. Heinz Ketchup. KFC. Marlboro cigarettes. Even Coca-Cola (which, oddly, did not make this list) sticks with an instantly recognizable red/white/black combo.

Does this mean every product packaging should lean towards these colors? No, and it's important to remember that all these brands established themselves decades ago, when bold primary color palettes were considered modern and chic. These brands' resilience after decades of being on the shelves, however, tell us that the color choices you do make with your packaging have an opportunity to make an indelible impression on your customers.

Think Outside The Box

Several of the packages on this list refused to offer their consumers a traditional, six-sided box. The McDonald's Happy Meal, for example, went for a playful house-like design crowned with the restaurant's signature arches. Candy companies have employed the heart-shaped box for their products for decades now. And KFC skipped a box altogether: they went with a bucket.

These examples show us that the design and structure of your package can really engage your customers. If you believe that your product must resign itself to a simple box, you may want to reconsider your options.

Work With What You Have

Perhaps the most recent and interesting entry in the CBS list is the Amazon delivery box. As they branded their service, Amazon must have been faced with a particular dilemma: how do we brand ourselves when we have to adhere to the standard brown boxes used for shipping?

The answer was simple but effective: they made the Amazon name and their smile/arrow logo visible on the perimeter sides of all their boxes. Now, almost everyone can spot an Amazon delivery box from 50 feet away-proving that even if your company is facing product packaging restraints, effective branding is still possible.

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