Why Unique Product Packaging Is Important

When companies spend countless man hours and resources developing, designing, and manufacturing a new project, it's sometimes easy to treat that product's packaging as an afterthought. However, this would be a mistake-product packaging is often the public's entry point to interacting and purchasing your product and represents every company's foremost opportunity to make an impression. Below, we take a look at just some of the benefits of pairing your company's new product with unique, thoughtful, and dynamic packaging.

Stand Out from the Crowd

Of course, your packaging needs to differentiate your product from similar products from competitors and even your own prior products, but it has to do more than just look different. Effective product packaging leaps out at a consumer and announces itself. Modern consumers are exposed to an unprecedented variety of shopping options. How is your product packaging going to compete in this field?

It Creates a Response

We've written in this blog before about how critical product packaging can be in invoking positive feelings in a consumer-even before they access the product inside. A deliberate, inspired approach to product packaging can elicit anticipation, intrigue, nostalgia, and countless other feelings that will entice your customers and reward them for choosing your product.

It's Shareable

How excited do you want your consumers to be when they purchase your product? Enough to tell their friends about it? Enough to share their purchase on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms? Unique, one-of-a-kind product packaging ideas can make your consumers feel like they've just acquired something special that they want to share with their network, giving your company valuable exposure.

It's an Extension of Your Brand

Whether you're releasing your very first product or your 1,000th, your product packaging has to carry your company's banner forth into the marketplace. Elegant product packaging highlights the "new-ness" of your new offering while ensuring that customers know and trust who made it. Re-branding and brand establishment (for new companies) can also be fostered with a mindful approach to your product's packaging.