3 Advantages of Using Custom Packaging for Your Products

Have you ever noticed that make-up companies have their own unique packaging? This isn't by mistake! For many brands, using custom packaging is what sets them apart from their competition. To learn more about the advantages of using custom packaging, you'll want to read this article.

Do you feel like the outdated look of your packaging is doing more harm than good to your company's reputation?

Are you concerned that there's a bit of a disconnect between the quality of your products and the quality of your product packaging?

Have you recently opened a business or rebranded one, and would like to make sure that your customers are aware of the change for the better?

If so, then it sounds like using custom packaging is certainly the right choice for you.

But why is it so important, and how can it help you to make a great first impression? Additionally, how can you create a branded packaging design that's right for your customers and your products?

Keep on reading this post to find out.

The Benefits of Using Custom Packaging

In the first section of this post, we're going to take a look at just a few of the many benefits of using custom packaging for your productsFrom helping to boost your brand recognition to properly protecting your products, by the end of this section, we're sure that we'll have you fully convinced.

1. It Helps to Increase Brand Recognition

One of the main benefits of using custom packaging for your brand? It does wonders to increase your brand recognition.

We know that you've already worked incredibly hard to choose the right company colors, create the right logo design, and even choose the perfect typography to represent your brand. You've also developed a consistent way to display your branding. It's on your storefront, your business cards, and your website. So why not put it on your product packaging as well?

First of all, this builds up a serious amount of consumer excitement once they spot your products on their doorstep. They'll know instantly where it's from and what's inside! Additionally, if your custom retail packaging really stands out, everyone who walks or drives by or even visits the mailroom will as well. This can generate a serious amount of recognition, interest and intrigue in your brand. In fact, the custom boxes can end up serving as an incredibly cost-effective form of marketing.

This is especially true if your packaging is so spectacular that your customers choose to share it on their social media accounts. So-called unboxing videos are wildly effective ways to promote your brand. You might even consider sending some of the major influencers in your industry a package of your products for free. This way, when all of their tens of thousands of followers -- who are likely already within your target market -- see that the influencer loves your packaging, they'll want to recreate the unboxing experience for themselves. To leverage this, create an unboxing video hashtag on your brand's social media accounts. Occasionally feature these customer videos on your brand's account to keep encouraging people to share them.

2. It's the Perfect Marketing Real Estate

Another one of the main reasons why the importance of packaging in marketing is something that your brand simply can't afford to ignore is a box or bag gives you a ton of blank space to advertise your other products and your brand as a whole.

Think about it: even the interior of a box lid is the perfect place to write up a brief summary of the story of your brand. You could even embrace the opportunity to personalize your packaging, which will certainly make your customers feel even more valued. They'll feel like -- quite literally -- that you know their names! Even if you just have too many orders to place a handwritten note inside your box, including a special and branded "thank you" card is a wonderful idea.

So, what are some other ways that you can get into using custom packaging as marketing materials? On the interior or exterior of the box, you could include information about an upcoming sale or an in-store event. You could even print a coupon code on the side of your packaging that customers can enter into your website to get a discount. You could include the names of your social media handles, the name of the employee who made the products, or even slip in a free trial size of another product inside!

Remember that, especially if you're an online-only business, your product packaging is the first physical encounter that your consumers will have with your brand. You need to do everything within your power to make the best first impression possible. Showing your customer that you value them by adding a free gift or a personalized touch is the perfect way to get things off on the right foot.

3. It's a Chance for Creativity

Of course, branded packaging doesn't just give you the chance to connect with your customers and make them feel like you appreciate their business, it's also the perfect way for you to show off your brand's overall creative chops!

Don't believe that packaging can be an artistic expression? If not, then you need to take a look at these stunning examplesPackaging doesn't have to just be beautiful. It can also be consistent with your branding strategy. For example, let's say that you're an eco-friendly cleaning supply company. How can you make your box reusable, to better align with the likely environmentally-conscious priorities of your customer base? First of all, look for packaging that's made from recycled materials. You could print something like, "I used to be a newspaper" on the interior of the box. You could also create a package design that allows your customers to turn the product packaging into something else altogether.

One of our favorite examples? Create a diagram on the inside of a box that allows your customers to cut and fold your product packaging into a flower pot or a coat hanger. Don't think it can be done? Then you should certainly check out these examples!

Additionally, remember that you can show off your creativity by switching your package design according to the season. During the holidays, you could switch to a black and gold striped design to celebrate the arrival of a new year. If Valentine's Day is around the corner, cover your package in hearts, or even put some cut-out hearts inside the bag or box itself. It's a fun way to keep things interesting, and an even better way to keep on generating buzz around your brand. Just make sure you put in requests for holiday-themed packaging far enough in advance!

4. It Protects your Products

You've worked hard to create a product that you can be proud of. You've invested countless hours, not to mention thousands and thousands of dollars, into getting the design of your dreams.

But does your product packaging reflect the pride that you feel? And what is it doing to help to ensure that the products you mail to your customers are arriving completely intact?

You need to remember that your product packaging represents the level of respect that you have for both your products and your customers. You likely wouldn't think too much of a company that billed itself as a luxury goods store but delivered their products in the cheapest possible packaging. You also wouldn't be very likely to buy from them again in the future. Remember that the overall design quality isn't the only thing that matters when it comes to branded packaging. You also need to think about how the packaging will properly protect your products. If you're shipping something that's a little on the fragile side, can you line your packaging with bubble wrap? If you're shipping food or another kind of perishable item, what sort of insulation should you use to make sure that everything arrives perfectly fresh?

These are all the kinds of things that you need to seriously consider. After all, the entire reputation of your brand is at stake.

How to Get the Right Product Packaging

Now that we've discussed a few of the many benefits of using custom packaging, what's next?

You need to understand what it takes to make sure that you're getting the packaging that you need. Read on to learn exactly how to make it happen for your brand.

1. Work with Packaging Professionals

So, you know that you want to take advantage of all the benefits of custom retail packaging, but you're not much of a designer yourself. You also have no idea which kinds of bags and boxes would be the right fit for your products.

You should strongly consider working with packaging professionalsIn some cases, they even have an in-house design team that can help you bring your vision to life! These professional companies are also able to create plates of your packaging design. So, once the plates have been designed, you'll be able to quickly reorder the packaging that you need in the future.

You'll get sound advice about which kind of packaging will be right for your products, and often, you'll end up saving money as a result. You'll likely be able to save even more by buying your packaging in bulk! Plus, you'll be able to get everything that you need for shipping in the same place.

Just make sure that you always take the time to speak to past customers and read reviews of packaging professionals before you make your choice. This way, you can have a better understanding of the level of customer service that you can expect to receive.

2. Crowdsource your Design

Another way that you can make your target market feel more invested in your brand right from the get-go? Take the time to involve them in the packaging design process.

First of all, no matter how creative you are, sometimes there just aren't enough hours in the day for you to both create a stellar packaging design and properly manage your business. Additionally, you'll get more incredible designs than you ever could create on your own -- and you'll generate a ton of buzz for your brand, too!

Let your social media followers know that you're coming up with a packaging design contest. Then, upload some of your favorite entries to your blogs and profiles. You can create a poll that allows your followers to cast a vote for their favorite design. This is also an awesome opportunity for you to learn more about the kinds of marketing techniques and styles that your target market likes the most. Take a look at the kinds of designs they create, as well as the ones they respond to the strongest. Then, when you create ad campaigns and packaging in the future, you'll already have an awesome idea of exactly the kinds of designs that are sure to get the attention of your potential and current customers!

Ready to Start Using Custom Packaging for your Brand?

We hope that this post has helped you to get a much deeper grasp of the benefits of using custom packaging to protect and show off your products. We also hope that you're now much more aware of how to go about bringing your dream packaging to life.

Of course, at the end of the day, what will have the most influence is the quality of the packaging services that you choose to work with. You shouldn't settle for anything less than the best.

That's why we want to work with you.

Be sure to visit our website to learn more about how we can help you to make incredible and impactful product packaging.