10 Seasonal Packaging Ideas For Your Products

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The holiday season is approaching, which means seasonal items are about to rule the shelves. Will your products be among them?

The products you sell don't have to be seasonal items to get into that holiday mood. All you have to do is dress up the packaging. Luckily, all that takes is a little thought.

Are you unsure of how to add that holiday flare to your products? If so, we've got you covered. Here are ten seasonal packaging ideas that consumers will love.

1. Tell a Story

Everyone likes a good story, especially at Christmas time, so use it in your product packaging.

Create a narrative across your products. You could, for example, share the story of a family throughout your packaging images.

Link products together by showing members of the same family, telling their story and how they use the products. Consumers will enjoy following along, especially if you throw in some seasonal cheer.

2. Use Seasonal Colors

Red, green, gold, white, and silver may not be in your usual color lineup, but it's worth throwing them onto your packaging during the Christmas season. If you don't want to totally depart from your norm, simply throw in a dash of gold or silver in a holiday-related shape.

Holiday colors instantly draw the eye, since that's what consumers expect to see at Christmastime. So they'll appreciate even the simple gesture of a silver snowflake embossed on your regular packaging. Your nod to the season may just make them smile.

3. Add a Fancy Touch

Get your packaging in the holiday mood by making it a bit fancier. This can be as simple as adding some ribbon.

Say you're selling a box of chocolates. That box of chocolates would feel much more festive with a beautiful silky ribbon tight attractively around the box.

Consumers appreciate both beauty and the holiday feel, so give them both by making your packaging look extra festive.

4. Add Holiday-Related Images

No matter the holiday, there are images that will help to bring it to mind. If you see a turkey on a chocolate bar wrapper, it's a good chance it's being sold around Thanksgiving.

Add a simple but noticeable nod to the holidays by adding familiar images. Choose images that are frequently associated with the accompanying holiday. Pumpkins, ghosts, reindeer, and Santa are all images that people will quickly identify with.

5. Use Special Fonts

Special fonts can really go a long way when creating that holiday feel. A font can tell a story by itself, no images required.

For example, you're likely to see bulkier, black fonts around Halloween time, since they add that haunted-sort of feel. You're more likely to see elegant, fancy fonts around Christmas time.

Choose fonts that compliment your packaging and nod to the season you're celebrating. Consumers will appreciate the difference.

6. Add Seasonal Shipping Tape

When it's time to ship items for online orders, add a seasonal touch to each package by including a note on the sealing tape. A solid background and some festive words is all it takes.

Simple messages like "Happy Holidays" and "We're all Snowflakes" will make your consumers smile when their product arrives.

7. Refer to Holiday Movies

It's no secret that consumers love holiday movies, so nod to their favorites in your holiday packaging. You may need to get permissions for this, but it's worth the effort to do so.

Familiar characters such as Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer make children and adults alike smile. A high-heel-wearing lampshade will do the trick, too.

8. Provide a Sturdier Box

Many of your items will be purchased then gifted, so help your purchasers out by providing a nice, sturdy box. A solid box looks fancier than a partial box with a clear viewing window.

Go even further with a printed box by adding some snowflakes, red font, or something else that will add that seasonal touch. The box will be ready to gift, which your consumers will love. It'll look so great they won't even have to wrap it.

9. Surround it with Snow

Obviously, you wouldn't want real snow packed in with your products, but you can use snow-look-alike materials. Surround your products with billowy white padding that's made to look like snow.

Add a little sparkle, if you like. Be cautious with this, though. Some consumers will appreciate glitter while others will not. So aim for sparkle that doesn't fall off.

Not only is this idea festive, but it also keeps the product nice and protected, thanks to the extra padding.

10. Add Variation

You don't have to use the same packaging design for every product. In fact, using different designs may increase your sales. You may have three options for consumers to choose from--a penguin, a snowman, or Santa.

You can do this with any holiday. When Thanksgiving is close, your product packaging can include illustrations of turkeys, pilgrims, or fall leaves. Your consumers will choose which one they like the best or they may just buy one of each.

Nod to the Holidays with These Festive Packaging Ideas

No matter the holiday that's in sight, consumers will appreciate your efforts to include it in your product packaging. So add a little charm and interest with these holiday packaging ideas.

Whether you go for simple and elega

nt or kid-centered and fun, shoppers will love seeing that special touch.

Whatever ideas you have for your holiday packaging, we can help you bring it to life. Fill out our contact form to get started.