8 Benefits to Using Eco Friendly Cosmetic Packaging


The history of the green movement can be traced all the way back to the 18th century. But if we include sustainable forestry and soil conservation in those calculations, it's history goes back even further.

Today, the world faces environmental crises such as climate change and global warming. In light of this potentially devastating phenomenon, the shift toward eco friendly practices has greatly increased.

One way to stay green without compromising your product (or your bottom line) is to change the packaging. Switching to eco friendly cosmetic packaging can benefit your profits, your consumers, and the environment.

How? Keep reading to find out.

1. Eco Friendly Cosmetic Packaging Meets Current Market Demand

More and more consumers are conscious of their impact on the environment. As a result, there is more of a demand for eco friendly products. That includes sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging.

As consumer taste changes, it's possible that government policies will change as well. Meaning that eco friendly may not be just an option for long.

By switching to eco friendly packaging now you stay ahead of the trend and meet consumer demands. That will increase your brand loyalty as well as profits. More customers will see that you're taking steps to protect the environment, improving your brand image and increasing your return on the investment involved in switching.

2. Reach More Potential Customers

Using sustainable practices such as eco friendly cosmetic package actually attracts more customers. The number of people who make environmentally conscious purchases is increasing.

By making the switch to eco friendly packing, you'll attract those customers that are already considering the environment in their buying decisions. And that customer base will continue to grow as the eco shift gains more influence.

3. Decrease Your Ecological Footprint

One of the most obvious benefits of eco friendly cosmetic packing is the degree to which you decrease your overall ecological footprint - and help customers do the same.

Using biodegradable and recycled materials, the amount of waste is reduced with eco friendly packaging. In addition, the manufacturing process of these materials is more efficient. More efficient typically means better for the environment.

4. Optimize the Materials Used

Sometimes, there is no optimal packaging solution for the product you sell. That means that small items end up in boxes that are too large. Not only does this create waste, but it also takes up valuable space.

Creating custom packaging is the ultimate solution to packaging your products properly. You'll not only save space in warehouses, you'll also save materials. You won't have as much waste product, which saves money and considers the environment.

There is software that can help you find the best combination of material and box size for your product. The goal of this software is to optimize the product to packaging ration. It reduces the layers of packaging as well as the size of the packaging itself.

Concerned that your cosmetic product is too oddly shaped for this type of technology? This software can handle odd shapes and sizes with great accuracy. And you get to create beautiful custom designs that are more aligned with your branding.

And to keep your packaging consistently eco friendly, opt for an alternative to styrofoam. Look for other protective materials that are resistant to cracks and shocks, but are manufactured with environmentally friendly practices.

5. Easy Disposal

Eco friendly cosmetic packaging can be labeled compostable, biodegradable, or recyclable.

Recyclable materials are easy to dispose of. Just throw them in a recycling bin for re-use.

If the materials are compostable or biodegradable, you can turn the waste into packaging compost. Customers or co-workers may have compost facilities that you can put to good use.

6. More Recycling and Reuse

When you are reusing your packaging, your practicing sustainability. You may be able to reuse your packaging materials in your own facilities.

For example, poly bags can be used more than once. So can packaging products such as air cushions.

You may consider using higher quality materials for your eco friendly cosmetic packaging. Bags and boxes made with versatile or durable materials encourage customers to re-use them. As a bonus, people will remember your brand as they continue to use your packaging for various other tasks.

7. Less Use of Plastics

Plastic contributes to a large percentage of human waste. Between 2012 and 2013, the amount of plastic produced increased by 4%. With 299 million tons of plastic produced in 2013, that upward trend is expected to continue.

Plastics are derived from non-sustainable petrochemical resources that are terrible for the environment. Their creation contributes significantly to climate change and other environmental crises like polluted oceans. In fact, 8 million metric tons of garbage ends up in our oceans every year.

Changing to eco friendly cosmetic packaging allows you to move away from using harmful plastics. Made with environmentally conscious materials, they won't harm the earth the way cheap plastics do.

8. Make More Money

How can switching to eco friendly cosmetic packaging save you money?

First, by using packaging that's optimized for the size of your product, you're not wasting space. You won't be spending money on unnecessary, excess materials, You'll also have more space for inventory and throughout the manufacturing and distribution process.

But making the switch also means you can charge more for your product. In one survey, 66% of participants said they'd pay more for items from companies that are invested in social and environmental change. Better yet, that number is growing.

Are You Being Eco Friendly?

With climate change, global warming, polluted oceans, and the extinction of plant and animal species putting our world in crisis, being environmentally friendly is at the top of the consumer and corporate priority list.

Switching to eco friendly cosmetic packaging is one way to reduce your ecological footprint. But it can also save time and money as well as impact your profits.

If you're ready to make the switch, find out about our services. We'll create custom eco friendly packaging to any specification you desire.