Christmas Inspiration: 10 Cheery Packaging Ideas For the Holidays

More than 465 million dollars are going to be spent collectively across the country this holiday season. Therein lies a tremendous opportunity for your business to not only cash in on that spending but to potentially engage new customers that you can convert into brand evangelists.

While there are a lot of ways you can both court and impress customers this holiday season, businesses like Starbucks agree that one of the best ways to stand out is by leveraging holiday packaging.

Holiday packaging constitutes making changes to your typical package branding so it better embodies the holidays. These changes can be minor or major but in either case are important to show your customers you're all in this holiday season.

Below our team shares with you some holiday packaging ideas you should be considering.

1. Adorn Your Packaging with Holiday Musings

There are a lot of lines that are synonymous with the holidays.

"Let it snow." "There's no place like home for the holidays." "Oh, holy night."

The possibilities are limitless.

What we've seen in the past that a lot of organizations have found success with is printing popular holiday musings on their holiday packaging.

They either create an array of musings that flood their package design or they have a handful of variable packages, each with their own unique phrase, printed in a tasteful location.

Our recommendation if you choose to go this route would be to keep your musings as non-holiday specific as possible. That way you won't alienate customers who celebrate different holidays.

2. Lean on Red

Who said that holiday packaging needs to be complicated? Certainly not us.

For many businesses, changing their packaging to red for the holidays is more than sufficient to give consumers the idea that they're embracing the season.

We've seen a few creative uses of red in packaging. There's the all-encompassing red where a package is 100% red except for a printed company logo printed in white.

Alternatively, there's the tasteful sprinkling of red onto packaging that adds accents of holiday cheer without overwhelming.

3. Broaden Your Holiday Color Spectrum

Red isn't the only color that instills a sense of holiday cheer in customers. There are a variety of other colors a skilled package designer can incorporate into your holiday packaging ideas.

Personally, we think that beyond red, companies should look at white, green, yellow and purple.

4. Tweak Your Logo

Holiday packaging ideas don't always need to extend to your broad package. They can just be allocated to your logo.

Try printing your logo in an alt color like red or white on your packaging for example. You can also play around with adding a holiday element to your logo like snowflakes, mistletoe, bells or anything else that invokes feelings of the season.

5. Try Patterns

We shared with you Starbucks' new line of holiday cups in this article's intro. If you click on that link, you'll see that a couple of their designs lean heavily on holiday-inspired patterns.

There's no reason why your business can't do the same thing.

Red and green stars, mistletoe plants, snowflakes... Any number of elements can be patterned on your packaging this holiday season to communicate "Tis' the season" to your customers.

6. Use Holiday-Themed Tape

If getting your graphics package overhauled before the holidays is a no-go, you can still salvage your business' holiday-cheer contributions by using themed tape.

There are a lot of different holiday-themed tape patterns out there that you can use to seal packaging this season. Again, our recommendation is to go with patterns that focus on the season in general as opposed to any specific holiday.

7. Throw On a Holiday Seal or Sticker

Does your packaging typically not feature tape? If so, a holiday-themed sticker or seal can achieve the same end we described in our previous point.

We recommend designing a sticker or seal that features your logo in a seasonally appropriate environment.

8. Use Ribbon

Nothing says holidays quite like ribbon. So, if your workflow allows for you to top your packaging off with a custom tied ribbon this holiday season, do it.

Your customers will love pulling off their ribbon when they dive into what they've purchased and will be moved by how thoughtful your packaging comes off as.

9. Add a Mini Bell or Ornament

This is one of our favorite holiday packaging ideas because who doesn't love hearing their package when they pick it up?

Adorning your packaging with a mini bell or even a small Christmas ornament screams cute and thoughtful to consumers. It also leaves them with a keepsake they can presumably hang on their tree.

10. Use Gift Tags

Among the lowest hanging fruit on the holiday packaging ideas hierarchy is the old fashion gift tag. We don't use the term "low-hanging" with disaffection by the way.

We're all about making things easy.

Simply put gift tags on your packaging with either the recipient's name if they're ordering direct or a holiday musing for general markets and you'll have everything you need to tip your hat to the holiday season.

Wrapping Up 10 Cheery Packaging Ideas For the Holidays

Whether you do a complete graphics package redesign or add small details to your packaging for the holiday season, it's important that you join in on the festivities by doing something to acknowledge this special time of year.

If you need help strategizing holiday packaging ideas or bringing yours to fruition, our team at Jansy can help.

Jansy is an award-winning design agency that has been helping businesses develop their unique approach to holiday motifs for years. Let us help you better connect with your consumers this holiday season through outstanding design.

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