Product Labeling: The Importance of Clear Labeling on Your Packaging

The label on your product is the icing on top of your well-designed, beautifully baked cupcake. Product labeling determines how your brand is marketed to your target customer, and it'll have a major effect on just how successful your product will be.

No matter the industry, it's vital your product label is well-designed. Cosmetic and beauty packaging, food cartons and laundry detergent all have one thing in common. What is it, and why is labeling in marketing so important? Keep reading to find out.

It Draws the Eye

The first thing a good label must do is draw the eye of a consumer to your particular product. Taking advantage of marketing tools like color psychology and eye-catching images will ensure your product is noticed.

While this may seem like a basic point, drawing the eye of a customer is the first touchpoint you have with this potential client. Giving your target audience a label they're attracted to will make them want to learn more about your product from the get-go.

It Makes Your Product Stand Out from Its Competition

Once your product label has piqued a potential customer's interest, its next job is to reel them in. If drawing the eye is like the cherry atop your marketing cupcake, standing out from the crowd is the frosting that gives it its edge.

Make your icing sparkle with clever use of white space, and use the less-is-more approach when designing your custom box or package. A packaging company can offer the turnkey packaging service you need to give you that winning competitive edge.

It Announces Your USP

So, what's special about your cupcake? Is it a never-before-tasted flavor? Perhaps it satisfies a gluten-free dietary requirement. Or maybe it's sugar-free and perfect for diabetics. Whatever your USP (unique selling point), your packaging needs to tell us about it.

If you're introducing a product to market, consumers need to know what's special about it, and what's different about you. Ethical values, quality elements or organic ingredients -- the thing that makes you unique needs to be clear on your labeling and packaging, so your customers are drawn to your brand.

It Educates the Customer

The aroma of your delicious cupcake could be likened to educating your customer. Like the scent of a cupcake should tell a consumer what flavor it is, good labeling tells a customer exactly what's in your great new product.

For example, a survey from consumers who are keeping an eye on their weight shows that 81% read the nutritional labels. So, if you didn't include the right information on your product label, it might end up back on the shelf.

To make sure your product stays firmly in the hand of your consumer, be transparent with them, and tell them exactly what they're buying. If you don't, they may just go with someone who does.

Good Product Labeling Builds Trust

Consumers today are better-informed than ever before, and that means your job as a business owner is that much harder than it used to be. Customers today expect to learn, not just about a business, but about its story, its history and the people behind it.

Good product labeling will build a rapport with your customers in a subtle yet concise way. It's a tricky balance to achieve, but it's worth the effort. A custom packaging company can help you strike just the balance you need to put some heart into your goods and your brand.

Product labeling is so much more than a sticker with your name on it -- it connects your business to the people you're selling to. When you build a relationship of trust with your customers, they'll be far more likely to come back to you in future.

It Promotes a Cohesive Product Line

Your tray of delicious cupcakes wouldn't just have the same ingredients. They'd also be the same shape, size and be decorated in the same way. Change the flavor, and the design will still be very similar to your original -- it's obvious you made them.

When you hit upon a great product and start selling it to your target audience, you'll want them to know about all the other amazing things you have on offer. And as you gain a loyal customer base, you'll have a following that'll be happy and willing to keep buying from you.

Using the same colors, styling, and typeface on each of your product labels will make them immediately recognizable as coming from the same brand. If your product labels have the same intrinsic design, your product line will be cohesive and form the relationship between one product and the rest.

It Makes You More Profitable

So, what do cosmetic and beauty packaging, food cartons and laundry detergent all have in common? Well, the better the packaging, the more profitable the product. There's a reason why the big brands and market leaders spend millions of dollars a year on labeling in marketing, after all.

Clear, simple and eye-catching labels will catch a customer's attention, and the right information will lead them all the way to the checkout, your product in hand. Choosing the right labeling for products will make more sales, and earn you more money.

The Takeaway on Product Labeling

Product labeling is the finishing touch on your masterpiece good or service. The right labeling will draw the eye, show your edge and let customers know why you're unique. Build a trust-based business-client relationship, and your loyal following will find you wherever you go.

In the end, no matter your business, being profitable is the bottom line. After all, you won't be able to help your consumers by providing them with a brilliant, needed product unless you stay in the black and keep the money rolling in.

If you want to produce a private label, or are looking for that turnkey packaging service that will boost sales and grow your business, then look no further. Contact us here at Jansy, and see how we can help produce your perfect label.