7 Beauty Packaging Trends To Look Out For In 2019

2019 is right around the corner, so what can we expect from beauty packaging trends next year?

While some trends are on their way out, we can still look at this past year for inspiration. In 2018 we saw the continuing rise of eco-friendly packaging. This year doesn't look like it'll be any different.

But what about minimalist packaging designs? Are we ready for something more visually stimulating, or do we still crave less? Target might be embracing the 90s, but does that mean we need to return to 90s designs?  

The new year means new opportunities to impress your clients. Take a look at these predictions for 2019 beauty packaging trends, and get inspired.

Beauty Packaging Trends for 2019

Whether you're well-established, or you're an indie brand, the packaging is important. It's the first thing you customer sees, so think hard about what it looks like.

Beauty Packaging for Toiletries are on the Rise

There's a trend amongst millennials for an emphasis on skin care and toiletries. Celebrities like Alicia Keys are spearheading the No Makeup movement. Young customers are eating it up.

"[Y]oung folks are still spending money on making sure their face is a glow-y, Instagram-worthy dream," writes Beth Shapouri from Fashionista. "They're just spending it differently than previous generations have. They're still buying the basics like cleansers, moisturizers and acne creams."

What does that mean for beauty packaging? It means that if you sell toiletries or skincare, you need to step up your packaging game.

Cute designs like YesTo products appeal to young customers with limited budgets. The brand Glossier creates packaging for older millennials on the go.

Whatever your product, make it a unique experience for your customer and they'll love you for it.

More Eco-Friendly Packaging

In 2018 there was a huge rise in eco-friendly packaging. This is due in large part to the demand for less wasteful packaging that is recyclable.

Because of the nature of beauty products, making a total eco-switch is not that easy.

For beauty companies, you could switch your boxes for a more biodegradable option. There's also the option of using glass or metals instead of plastic.

The biggest hurdle with eco-friendly beauty packaging is the price. You could hope that your customers will appreciate the effort and be willing to pay more. That will only go so far, so think about the kinds of plastics you use in your packaging. Using recycled plastic can help your product and your company image.

Everything Has a Purpose

An off-shoot of the sustainability movement is the zero-waste trend.

The zero-waste philosophy is that everything should have a purpose, including the packaging. If it doesn't, it's not worth the money or the waste.

While it sounds like a far-out hippie idea, the zero-waste movement is gaining traction. They're hungry for products and packaging that serves a purpose, like soap packaging doubling as a washcloth.

If you're looking for new ideas for beauty packaging, look towards zero-waste. It might be extreme, but it can also be also innovative.

Beauty Packaging That is Photo Ready

Depending on how you look at it, Instagram is one of the best things to happen to beauty products packaging. If your packaging is "Instagramable," then you can let your customers do all the marketing for you.

It feels like all it takes for a beauty brand to take off is an attractive photo in the right beauty bloggers hands. Brands like Glossier and Anastasia Beverly Hills have harnessed the power of Instagram to grow their company.

Of course, it takes more than a cute product to be internet famous. You have to make sure it's something people will want to buy as well. But if you combine a good product with photo-ready packaging, you'll be unstoppable.

Sometimes Less is More

The 2010s have been the heyday of minimalism. Clean designs, like this one for Kate Spade, are still poised for popularity in 2019.

Why? A few reasons. One is the ever important "Insta-worthy" ness of a simple design. Online, where images bombard customers, minimalist designs are a relief for the eyes.

Another reason is the result of sustainability is an emphasis on simplicity. We want less clutter in our over-saturated lives, so our packaging should reflect that.

The less you have going on with your packaging, the more it invokes a sense of peace in the consumer. With everything going on in 2018, we'll still be searching for that peace in 2019.

Sometimes More is More

Now that we've talked about the beauty of simplicity, you need to forget it all. Not all of us can be minimalists, and some brands are embracing that.

What does that mean? It means for every Mario Badescu, there's a Poo-Pourri.

Why, in an age of minimalism and tight budgets, would a brand go for such gaudy packaging? Isn't it opulent and extravagant?

Yes, and that's exactly the point. By choosing hyper-decorated beauty packaging, you're giving your customers the idea that your product is a treat.

Like these Tocca fragrances, your product is an experience all on its own. It's not a necessity, but wouldn't it be nice to have?

That's why brands are choosing to go the extra mile in their beauty packaging.

Beauty Packaging as Collectibles

Do you remember when you were a kid and you had a collection? It could have been trading cards, buttons, stamps, whatever. All that mattered to you was that you had them all.

You'd think that we'd lose our desire to "have them all" as we got older. You'd be wrong. Everyone has a collection and for some people, that's beauty products.

The smart brands are creating packaging that plays into the psychology of collecting. For example, if you stack up all of Fenty Beauty's Match Stix highlighters, the honeycomb shape looks great in your makeup collection.  

Other brands have sold special edition products as a part of a promotion. Tarte Cosmetics has the collectible packaging down to a fine art.

Let's Work Together

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