8 Questions To Ask When Finding the Best Turnkey Packaging Service

Why would you work so hard to create an amazing product for your consumers, only to have the packaging fall short? This is not a detail you can afford to overlook.

Product packaging is the first impression users get when interacting with the goods you provide. Whether they've already made their purchase online or they're browsing through products in a store, you need to get the packaging just right if you want to impress consumers.

Thankfully, a turnkey packaging service can help. This is the fulfillment solution you need to make your product the absolute best it can be - on the outside as well as the inside.

You can't hire just anyone for the job, though!

Here are 8 questions to ask a turnkey packaging service before partnering with them.

1. Can You Send Me a Capability Statement?

A capability statement is basically a breakdown of all the services a packaging solutions company can offer. It's a detailed overview of everything from the packaging materials they provide to the shipping and packaging certifications they have.

This statement also includes the facilities a company operates out of and the capacity each of these locations can handle. It specifies the size of each facility, the equipment and materials used to operate it, shipping capabilities, and more.

Getting this information from the start gives you a clear understanding of everything a turnkey package company can do for you. It goes beyond their "Services" listings, providing key details as to how their functions are carried out.

2. Can I See Some of the Work You've Done?

It's one thing to understand what a company has the capacity to do, and another to see the quality of work they can produce. You need a turnkey service that is both efficient and innovative, and the best way to understand the latter is to see their portfolio.

This is what indicates how far a company is willing to push the boundaries. You don't want to end up with a team who is doing the same old, same old kind of packaging for all their consumers. You need a team who's portfolio expresses the variety of ideas they can offer and the attention to detail they give to each one.

3. Do You Have Experience Working with Products Like Mine?

As you're looking through a company's portfolio, it's good to talk specifics about your industry. It's much different to package cosmetic and beauty products as it is to come up with food packaging solutions or home goods packages.

Whatever industry you're in, you need to make sure your packages are going to stand out against competitors. The best way to do that is to hire a turnkey packaging service that understands the specific needs and challenges of your niche.

4. What's Your Average Lead Time?

Lead time refers to the period between the start and completion of a production process. The beginning of the process may be the moment you give a company your packaging designs, or it might be when they start working on packaging designs for you.

Either way, you need a clear, detailed timeline of how long of a lead time you can expect. Otherwise, you risk getting backed up on orders and creating a huge customer service issue for your company.

5. How Will You Guarantee On-Time Delivery?  

Lead time and on-time delivery are two different things. But, they do go hand in hand. It makes no sense to have a consistent, efficient lead time if it takes forever to get completed packages from a warehouse into the hands of consumers.

On-time delivery is essential to the consumer experience. As such, it's up to you to discuss how a finished package is going to get to consumers. Talk about standard shipping procedures as well as the plans that a packaging service has in place in case of natural disasters or other external factors that may affect deliveries.

6. Can You Provide Eco-Friendly Solutions?

This isn't a question that you necessarily have to bring up, but it is worth asking. If eco-friendly solutions are available for your packaging and production needs, they can offer all kinds of benefits to your brand.

Not only will your business be making a better impact on the planet, but it will make consumers feel like they are, too. Savvy customers like knowing that their buying dollars are going to initiatives they care about. If the fight against climate change is something your business is trying to support, eco-friendly packaging is a great way to do that.

7. Can You Handle the Entire Packaging Process?

Are you prepared to design the packages you want a packaging service to produce for you? If not, you should bring up whether or not they can handle designs in addition to packages.

This gives you the peace of mind that all of your packaging needs will be taken care of. Not to mention, every step of the design and production process will happen under the direction of one team, which means there's a slim chance for miscommunication and errors to occur.

8. Do You Have a Few Mockups Prepared?

If you do want to have designs and packaging production handled for you, you should already be discussing design mockups.

This will help move the process along as you go from meeting with different turnkey packaging services to contracting your top choice. If the mockups are already prepared, a company can go from talking about the solutions they can provide to actually creating your packages in a short amount of time.

Introducing Your Ideal Turnkey Package Service

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