September 8, 2019

How To Streamline Your Company's Packaging

How to streamline your company's packaging

Did you know there are well over 100,000 online retailers in the US alone?

Yes, the competition is tight but staying online is the only way to survive in today's digital age. You simply have to step up your game to stand out from the crowd.

One good means of achieving this is by maintaining and streamlining your company packaging options before shipping out products.

If you want to improve your company packaging, you need to pay attention to packaging trends. Some of them are already on the way out, so it's best to avoid them. To get the most out of your budget, you need to streamline the process.

But how can your company do that? Read on and find out more about the streamlining process for packaging.

1. Use green packaging

The advancements in packaging technology gave companies more options for their parcels. These days, PVC films aren't the only viable options for product makers no matter what industry. Flexible packaging with newer polyolefin materials made it possible to get a better-performing package while remaining environment-friendly.

If you need to reduce the shipping costs, you need these lightweight packages. They're durable and recyclable, making it cost less than most alternative materials. It also gives your packages a smaller footprint and makes them more flexible when placed on shelves.

The emerging trend over the years is the use of biodegradable packaging materials. It's shown to affect customers' buying decisions. Your brand becomes more ethical and environment-conscious to your consumers' eyes.

2. Don't make last minute decisions

If you want to lower the cost of packaging, don't delay your packaging decisions. Most companies make the mistake of leaving it until the end of the process of production. This can extend the entire process since you won't have the time to prepare and approve designs.

You might end up getting more expensive designs. To avoid this, you need to keep your packaging decisions high on your list. Make a list of the things you want for its design and implement them as you go along the production process.

Check the package cost, shelf space required, and the in-house space of production. Make sure you have a clear plan for packaging and labeling information. Focus on how you can deliver a clear and concise message to your audience.

3. Improve warehouse communication

If you want to streamline your process, you need quick warehouse communication. It's important that the order process within your warehouse only takes a few seconds to a few minutes. As an alternative, your supplier should have the capabilities to do these for you.  

This helps you manage your stock and alerts you when you need to get more. This makes sure that no matter how many get ordered, you're prepared. Your warehouse might even get extra staffing to ensure that all parcels get sent in a timely fashion.

Remember, an average U.S. homeowner receives about 27 packages each year on an average. That means you need to step up your warehouse communication to make sure they receive it as soon as possible.

4. Upgrade and maintain your packaging equipment

Sometimes, your problem with the entire process of packaging is within the packaging line. These are the machines you use to put your products in packages. It might affect your budget but making investments in new machines can reduce your costs and streamline your processes.

The benefits might show up in the long run, but you can speed it up using the newest technologies. If you're not sure where to start, get a packaging specialist. They can do some audits and suggest improvements on your packaging line within your allotted budget.

You also need to maintain your machinery. It's important to set aside some time to do some preventive maintenance every year. This elongates the machine's lifespan and maintains its reliability for years to come.

If you want to maximize uptime for machinery, you need to keep spare parts. This can reduce downtime even when you're caught by unexpected breakdowns. It's important to know what causes wear and tear so you can have an inventory of spare parts.

5. Minimize package labels

Instead of using stick-on labels, you can print information directly on your packaging. This will help you cut off an entire step out of the packaging process. In most cases, this option will cost you less money.

This can help you save on overhead costs while decreasing your necessary production time. Aside from that, you can help minimize your product's impact on the environment. It's a great way to make your package even friendlier to nature.

Check at the design of your package too. Do you really need four-color prints to get your brand message across? If not, you can settle for black and white since it costs much less and helps streamline the process more.

If you want to make the process faster, you can simplify your package design. Drive for a minimalistic design and simplicity. This can help you promote your brand and drive more consumers towards it.

6. Gather as much data as you can

It's especially important to track the packaging costs over time. The prices of materials can fluctuate every month, meaning you need to plan. Look at the price trends and predict the right time to buy materials in bulk.

This helps you in managing your packaging costs. It becomes easier if you can find suppliers you can trust. They will do this on your stead, giving you more time to attend to other things.

Record the amount of film waste and damaged goods that happen during the process. This can help in identifying the causes for damage. That allows you to correct them before it affects your business.

Streamline your company's packaging today!

Packaging is important to your business success. The sooner you realize this, the better. After all, that gives you more incentive to improve your company packaging process.

Otherwise, you might end up spending more. It's wasteful and it might make you spend more than what's needed to keep your business operational.

Do you need help with packaging designs? You can contact us today and we'll help you get started.

Are you looking to launch your new product with packaging that meets all of these goals? If so, then Jansy Packaging is ready to hear from you. Our team has worked with Starbucks, Victoria's Secret, LG, Oakley, QVC, and many other companies to design, develop, and produce packaging that made an impression on their customers.

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