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Our Global Impact

The surest way of reducing our environmental packaging impact is to use less packaging... it's obvious, of course, but it's a fundamental part of our sustainable process. But its only one part of our approach... working with a global network of suppliers also gives us access to the very latest technologies and materials. Combined with intelligent design, data driven research and a collective responsibility to drive change, together we can make a difference.

Sustainable Partners

Recycled ocean plastic

For A Cleaner Ocean

In our continued effort to bring sustainable material options to our clients, Jansy has partnered with Waste Free Oceans who collect and process plastic waste collected from our oceans.  

100% Recycled Ocean Plastic
Custom Dyed Pantone Colors
Screenprint using Soy Based Inks
Ocean plastic is a great sustainable product.Recycled plastic from the ocean.
Did you know?

Within the packaging world, the BIGGEST waste is overpacking. We can help you be more efficient.

We've got a global team

Retail Compliant

We work with all major retailers and packaging groups to better understand their goals and to help build a shared body of knowledge for improved sustainable performance.

LEt's go over your options

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Primary recycled packaging materials.
Have a good foundation

Primary Materials

We can help guide you on the best materials for your product packaging. Call us to discuss the options.

Flexible Packaging
Ocean Plastic
PCR Glass
Bio Resins
PCR Plastic
spoiled for choice

Secondary Materials

There are numerous material options available for standard secondary packaging but we're also here to help you find ways of using paper based materials as primaries too. Innovating through design is a powerful way of getting the sustainable results you are looking for.

FSC Papers
PCR Paper
Molded Fiber
Molded Pulp
Corn Starch
Kraft Paper
Sustainable Packaging
Biodegradable foils for packaging.
Thoughtful branding

Printing & Finishes

Being sustainable doesn't mean you have to compromise your printed artwork. We'll help you find ways of maintaining your brand image using bio-degradable alternatives.

Biodegradable Laminates
Biodegradable Foils
Embossing & Debossing
Organic Soy Based Inks
Finding efficiencies

Shipping & Logistics

Efficient palletization, shipping methods, and materials can all help reduce your carbon footprint.

Shipping Options
Reduce Weight
Reduce Carton Size
Reduce Damage
Reduce Damage
Improved Pack Out
Shipping and handling to reduce carbon footprint.
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