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Innovation Studio
our In house design Team

Innovation Studio

Packaging Design
Product Design
POS/POP Displays
Print Production
Graphic Design
3D Renderings
3D Prototypes
Presentation Models
Structural Illustration
It all starts with

Conceptual Design

Everything starts with an idea... and we like to get ours down on paper before we do anything else.

Whether the genesis of the idea comes from you or from our team, we'll first do a competitive market analysis or take a look at market trends and only then will we take a first pass at capturing the shape, form and function of the product or package in question. We're strong believers that innovation can be found in the most unlikely of places. This is the stage where we do a lot of our research and development.

Our industrial design and engineering team maintain production ready accuracy.
Getting technical!

Industrial Design & Engineering

Once a design direction is chosen we dive into the technical modeling and engineering. We work closely with our overseas product team to make sure our drawings reflect tooling and manufacturing parameters and ensure that as amendments are made to files we maintain production ready accuracy throughout.

brand it!

Graphic Design &
Print Production

We are your brand custodians. We understand what it takes to build a brand and we work hard to maintain the standards you've developed. But we're also here to push the artistic boundaries to help your product tell its story. We aim to maximize on-shelf or
e-commerce impact, bring clarity to brand messaging and ultimately to make your product stand out from your competition.

Structural Illustration
Shablam cosmetics worked with our graphic design team.
Final Results

Visual Mockups

Using state-of-the-art 3D rendering software and prototyping machinery, we can provide realistic representations of your product and physical molded samples before you pull the production trigger. This is where you explore color choices, play with graphics and confirm every technical detail of your product package and save both time and money in the process.

Formulation Lab

Formulation Lab

Formula Development
Reverse Engineering
Formula Enhancement
Color Cosmetics
Hair Care
Skin Care
Market Research
Body Care
Custom formulation for beauty cosmetics.
start fresh

Custom Formulas

Combining insightful marketing research with creative product development, we are able to develop exciting new formulas for a comprehensive range of skincare, personal care and color cosmetics. Our offerings include a wide range of formulas from FDA Cosmetic Grade to OTC. We work closely with retailers to fully understand their natural and clean ingredient guidelines and are compliant with Consciously Natural and COSMOS certifications.

Formulation testing for packaging.
Quality assurance

Formula Testing

Formulas are a critical part of our business, so we offer a suite of testing and validation services including Formula Stability, Package Compatibility, Preservative Efficacy testing & RIPT, in addition to all other FDA and OTC testing.

Let's mix it up

Blending & Filling

Choose from one of our stock formulas, or our in-house team can help you develop something uniquely custom. We create cosmetic as well as OTC formulas for some of today’s leading skin, body, hair and fragrance brands and for some we also manage the blending and filling as well. We work with several facilities across the US and overseas and operate a second layer of QA and QC procedures to guarantee quality.

Blending and filling is apart of our full turnkey service.

"You made a stressful project go smoothly and the extra effort you put in after hours was invaluable."

E & J Gallo Winery
Z. Wolf

"At a pivotal point for our product and brand's evolution, Jansy delivered to our expectations and requirements and produced packaging that made our customers giddy with excitement."

W. Africano

"I do not think that I can really express my gratitude in words. This means the world to me."

z. Petofi

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