December 7, 2020

Same JANSY, but with a new look!

Good communication with our clients is at the core of what we do. Our clients come to us with great ideas, and it’s our job to bring those ideas to life. Understanding their ideas and what they want is key. We also want to make sure that our clients and industry connections fully understand what we do, the markets we serve and who we serve, so they can determine if we are the right fit for their upcoming projects.  

We took a step back to re-evaluate our website and felt we needed to define our services more clearly and thoroughly so potential or existing clients could get a good understanding of what we do immediately. Re-designing a website is a team effort and a big undertaking when we had decided to design and build it in-house. Defining what we do as one of the leading packaging companies in the beauty, health and wellness industries took the collaboration of our design, engineering, sourcing, manufacturing, formulation, sales, marketing, project management, and operations teams in the US and China. Each individual on these teams plays a significant role in serving our customers, so making sure we covered all our bases was a top priority.

So, let’s get to it. Who are we & how can we help you?

We are JANSY, a global product development and packaging design company in the beauty, health and wellness spaces that brings creative visions for innovative products and unique packaging to life. Our in-house innovation studio is where it all begins. Our incredible design team works with you to review the product or packaging concept you have in mind. We do a thorough market analysis and brainstorm ideas for unique primary and secondary packaging, while keeping sustainability in mind. Once an idea is nailed down, we’ll create realistic 3D renderings for a preview of your finished product or package.

Product Development

Once the packaging concept is chosen, we work with our engineering team for concept proof and to verify the concept is feasible for mass production. Then, if JANSY is handling the final production of packaging, our team prepares the production molds or final packaging files. Our manufacturing partner will then create samples of the concept or we will print them on our 3D printer in Huntington Beach. Once approved, production samples will be made and undergo testing and evaluation to verify the parts are free from defects and within the given tolerances.

If we are providing a client with a full Turnkey product, our formulations team works with our lab partners on a custom formula and coordinates with fillers to verify the packaging and formula will work together for them. When we have the final formulas, whether provided by JANSY or the client, we’ll run additional tests with the formula and packaging for compatibility.

Quality Control & Quality Assurance

Your packaging will have a quality control inspection done before leaving the manufacturing facility to confirm accuracy of the structural design and artwork. We will manage freight from the factory to your warehouse or to the lab so the packaging can be filled with the formulation.

We've Got You Covered

All in all, our goal is to help you produce unique, innovative products. And if sustainability is a focus of yours, we’ll work with you on the best options for your product. We can manage the entire process for you from start to finish and delivering you a quality finished good. Or if you come to us with an existing design and need help with just the engineering and production, or you’re looking to create new graphic designs for a new product lineup, we’re flexible and nimble with our services. We understand not everyone is looking for a one stop shop, that’s why a partnership with JANSY gives you access to the services that best suit your needs.

Explore Our Services

Sustainability is also always on our mind when discussing product formulations and packaging concepts. We invest countless hours of time and energy in exploring and experimenting with new materials that are better for the environment and reduce your carbon footprint. Our team of sustainability and innovation experts can help identify the best materials for your brand.

Communicating our capabilities was extremely important when developing the new layout and design of our website. We wanted potential new clients to learn about what we do and view examples of the amazing products we’ve created and brands we have worked with in an easy to follow process. We pride ourselves on our work and being a leader in the product development and packaging space, so we wanted to make sure to express that.

Please take a look through our website and checkout all of our projects in the “My Work” section. If you are a brand looking to develop an innovative product, we’re here to help make it a reality! Click on the link below to get in touch with a JANSY representative.
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