August 28, 2018

How Outdoor Brands are Overcoming Issues with Product Packaging

How outdoor brands are overcoming issues of product packaging

Did you know that there are about 65 million parcels shipped worldwide each year?

Out of these, around 13 million come from the United States. The main driving force behind the shipping volumes is the growth of eCommerce.

If you're an eCommerce retailer, your primary objective is to get good product packaging. That means you need to learn the importance of clear labeling. For outdoor brands, that might prove to be quite a feat.

Are you ready to learn the ways of overcoming your product packaging issues? Read on and start learning more.

1. Water-Soluble Bag

Some companies use biodegradable bags that use recycled plastic. Most of these look for even more environment-friendly options as years pass by. What this means is that, in the coming years, some products might have water-soluble pouches as their packaging.

The bag is compostable and biodegradable due to anaerobic digestion. That means it dissolves into nothingness when thrown into the ocean. Once verified through lab testing, these packaging supplies might revolutionize the planet's efforts of saving the environment.

When you opt for this package, it doesn't matter where it ends up. It won't leave any residue that can clog bodies of water. That's a great means of maintaining global sustainability.

2. Dissolvable Hangtags

This is another component of a packaging that dissolves in water. These are the type of labels that you want for your business due to their environment-friendliness.

At its base, the labels come from a cornstarch base that won't harm the community's septic systems.

The great thing about this label is that you can take it to a washing machine without worries. It disappears in the water while you're washing it. This can help make your brand resonate more with your intended customers.

This package design drives home your commitment to eco-friendliness. This helps make your product more beneficial to both people and the entire world.

That will help rally more customers towards your brand.

3. Potato Starch Packaging

When you want to help the world, you need to stay innovative. That means you need to decrease your packaging's environmental impact. One of the best ways you can package your product is through the use of natural fibers and industrial starch.

Combining the papers and potato starch makes it 100% biodegradable. You can make cartons for any type of product, regardless of whether it's food or electronics.

It's paper-recyclable and you can use it for your own home compost.

These types of packaging are also 40% lighter compared to its traditional counterparts. Their non-abrasive nature makes it a preferable choice. You won't need normal polybags anymore once you use this packaging type.

4. Bio-based Plastic polybags

A good type of polybag is something made from more natural materials. Some of them use sugar canes, but you can't distinguish them from the normal ones you use. The good news is that you don't need to do any special form recycling for these bags.

This helps overcome the issues involving GHG emissions made during production. After all, plant-based resources can replace the fossil fuels you use. The majority of the population has access to recycling, so using this type of packaging will make the entire process easier.

It's always important to remember that using plant-based bags has its one major drawback. It increases your package's water footprint. You can use other methods to ensure that you compensate for it.

5. Reusable Mesh

Around 74% of American adults say that everyone should protect the environment. That means using any sort of method that can contribute to these efforts. That includes the use of polybags since it's still a type of plastic bag.

Make a fresh approach and replace traditional paper cartons or polybags. Make use of reusable mesh bags for your product packaging design. They're great because your customers can use them for other purposes without any difficulty.

Using this type of packaging helps reduce the number of trees getting cut down. It might cost you a little more than other materials.

But if you want to show that you care about the long-term effects of your brand decisions.

6. Compostable Bags and Recyclable Cardboard

If you're still using polypropylene plastic bags, it's time to make the change. Make use of paper bags that your customers can reuse or add to their compost. Depending on your business size, you might end up saving as much as 73,000 pounds of plastic each season.

It's also important to take note that old bags can clutter landfills. More than 10,000 pounds of this type of waste account for the waste you see in these places.

That's why it's necessary to make sure your packaging is consistent with its recyclability no matter what type of product.

7. Reusable Mailers

It's time to use reusable mailers when shipping your products. These packages can last more than a decade or as many as 2,000 shipments. After all, it's made from recycled billboards that ensure its durability.

You can make your customers join your program.

Once they receive their parcel, they can send it back to your fulfillment center for reuse. This can add another layer for your process, but the possible savings are great motivators for your business.

Get Good Product Packaging Today!

When it comes to outdoor brand packaging, you need to do your part. The ones stated above are great examples of what to do when you're having problems with product packaging. You need to make sure that you stay environment-friendly while saving some money on material costs.

If you need to use poly bags, make sure that you use more recycled plastic.

This can lower the fossil fuel you use since it decreases the need for new materials. Depending on your budget, you might even achieve 100% recycled plastic materials for your packaging.

Do you need some help with your packaging design? You can contact us today and let us help you get started. We're looking forward to hearing from you and having a possible project soon.

Are you looking to launch your new product with packaging that meets all of these goals? If so, then Jansy Packaging is ready to hear from you. Our team has worked with Starbucks, Victoria's Secret, LG, Oakley, QVC, and many other companies to design, develop, and produce packaging that made an impression on their customers.

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