Jansy Teams With Noémie

Jansy was given the opportunity to work with a new brand of fine jewelry called Noémie. Noémie, which just launched in February, offers customers a unique approach to traditional jewelry and provides a direct-to-consumer mentality – customers purchase the jewelry directly from Noemie's website.

The two jewelry lines, the "classic" collection and the "elephant" collection, can be viewed online or viewed by appointment at Noémie's New York showroom, The Loft. Founder Yuvi Alpert incorporates a vertically-integrated business model, which allows him and his team to keep prices low by having complete control of the entire process. On the website, customers are able to see the retail price they would be paying if they were to purchase the same piece at a high end department store.

Fine Packaging For Fine Jewelry

In addition to their untraditional approach, Noémie also wanted one-of-a-kind packaging to go with each piece of jewelry. Customers who purchase a piece of jewelry from Noémie will receive it in a large blue box, tied with blue satin ribbon.

Jansy's over-sized packaging for Noémie was inspired by Agatha's cake boxes in the 2014 film The Grand Budapest Hotel. The box is complete with Noémie's elephant logo, which represents the brand's goal to revive the notion of a trusted family jeweler. To view the jewelry collections in their entirety, visit www.hellonoemie.com.

Providing Quality Packaging Since 2004

Noemie's packaging is an example of how product packaging should never lose sight of the business's overall vision, personality and brand. Jansy's unwavering dedication to providing state-of-the-art designs and cutting-edge engineering sets them apart from design boutiques and manufacturing firms. Customers who trust their business's vision with Jansy can rest assure that their packaging will exceed their original expectations.

Jansy proudly partners with a number of brands including Nike, Kate Spade and bareMinerals. To learn how Jansy can benefit your business, call (855) 782-0639 today.