Key Elements to Effective Packaging Design

You've created an effective and dynamic product-now all you need is a box to put it in to get it in front of customers... right? At Jansy, we've worked with many client businesses who are in the "homestretch" of their product development stage, but aren't sure how to best present their new creation to the marketplace. Below, let's look at a few of the key elements needed to create engaging product packaging and how our team tackles them for our clients.

Graphic Design & Concept Development

Perhaps one of the largest tasks in product packaging development is envisioning which type of packaging is optimal and what that packaging actually displays. At Jansy, we're worked with an array of different materials and design concepts and collaborate with clients to draft exciting, energetic graphics to entice consumers before they even open their product.

Logo Development & Brand "Identity"

Ensuring that your new product packaging sufficiently represents your brand and inherits a confident space in the marketplace is one of the most subtle parts of product packaging. Some clients are looking for bold brand recognition, while others are new to the shelves or are looking for a reinvention. No matter what the case, Jansy's designers are ready to ensure that your new product serves as an appealing ambassador of your brand.


Once your packaging has captured the consumer's attention, what does it actually say to them? At Jansy, we work with clients to create compelling packing copy that not only highlights the attributes of your product, but also carries forth their brand, and fits a specific voice ready to converse with consumers.

Quality Control

Before your product packaging can be presented to the public, it needs to carefully proofed and tested for quality. Is all the printing legible? The packaging easily break? Does it pose any kind of hazard or annoyance to the consumer? All of these things must be tested to ensure that, when your product debuts, nothing unexpected comes in between your product and the consumer.

At Jansy Packaging, we handle all these aspects of product packaging and much, much more. We've helped Starbucks, Victoria's Secret, LG, Oakley, and other high-profile companies debut new products and are ready to assist you,no matter what the size of your company or product launch might be.

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