Remembering Product Packaging Basics

Branding. Originality. Engagement. Unboxing experiences. With all the urgent considerations that go into modern product packaging design, it can sometimes be easy to lose sight of the basics. Below, we take a look at some of these essential principles and why they still need to be incorporated into your newest product's packaging design.


The most basic function of product packaging is that it identifies and protects your product from the perils of shipping, handling, and even exposure to the elements. If there's a chance your product could be broken or harmed in any way before your customers open the packaging, then that this a serious problem that can not only result in returns but broken trust with your consumers.

Easy Handling

Is your package awkward to hold, carry, and store? Once a customer gets it home, will they have trouble opening it? The way your product packaging design interacts with the physical world is important to both retailers and customers. Failing to these practical considerations in mind could mean your packaging may end up vexing the very people you aimed to impress.

Excess Packaging

American consumers have become much more aware of how much they consume and part of that consumption involves the product packaging they take home and eventually discard. There's a fine line between unique, distinct packaging designs and the use of materials that some consumers may find frivolous. The key is to find a balance and err on the side of caution (and efficiency).

Lack of Important Information

Even when companies cover all their legal bases with their packaging copy, they can still leave off important information their customers may want. Are there directions? Are they easy to understand? Does the design itself make reading the copy somehow difficult? All of these factors must be carefully considered before settling on a final design.

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