The Absolute Value of Printed Boxes for Your Product

If you look at the courier and packing industry, more than 65 billion parcels got shipped around the world. This marks a 48% increase compared to the last two preceding years before that. 

So how can your packages stand out? How do you use shipment boxes to not only deliver products to customers but also help advertise your brand?

One great solution is to utilize printed boxes. Regardless, when sending packages, it's important to remember the packaging basics for better designs. Custom printed boxes rise in popularity as it gives a lot of value for companies. Whether you're a large corporation or small business, you'll reap its benefits. Here are some things you need to consider:

1. Better Branding for Your Business

It's hard to miss out on an opportunity to promote your brand when it comes to custom packaging supplies. If you want to give a better marketing strategy, you can always rely on your packaging to give you more channels to advertise your brand. A lot of packaging companies are willing to give you the solutions you need to make your packaging boxes become effective and functional.

A great way to do this is to put up your company logo as well as your slogan, mascot, and other identifying features on your boxes. This will allow you to create brand awareness with the use of your printed packaging. It retains its effectiveness regardless of the prevalence of online advertising in today's marketing strategies.

2. More Technical Details

All reputable packaging companies out there can give you the standard required sizes for common packaging boxes. But if you want to get the most out of your custom product packaging boxes, get a company that helps you add various technical data such as:

  •      Product model
  •      Size
  •      Quantity

     Expiration DateThese are the most common ones you can include. If your product has other relevant details, you can incorporate it into your packaging to give as much information as possible. Customers always appreciate when they have all the important data they need when they get your product.

Other things you can print on your packages include barcodes and other product codes. You can include important symbols such as the one used for fragile products for it to have the proper handling during transit. This can save your company from a lot of grief due to improper goods handling.

3. Increase Retailer Ease

The retail industry is huge, with a $5.7 trillion worth of total retail sales in 2017.

Take note that if your business produces a lot of products, retailers will keep yours along with other brands in their stores. Most of these retailers will find a lot of happiness with your packages if it has all the relevant information when it comes to stacking your products on the shelf.

If retailers see the technical information you have with your custom boxes, it can affect how they sell your products.

For example, when they see that your product is near its expiration date, they will try to sell it as soon as possible. As such, it's important to make the information clear and concise so they won't have to waste your product because of uncertain information.

Retailers will have an easier time reading your product information on the box if you place products in small units. They can do it before they open it and sort it out. It can also help attract customers when they notice the product packages when visiting retailers at times.

4. Exceptional Recognition

If you have packaging that has a customized design as well as attractive colors, your product becomes more recognizable. It helps your potential customers to recall your brand even if it's in bulk packaging while in transit. If you have printed packages, people have an easier time identifying your brand from your competition's products.

You can decorate your packages with attractive designs meant to attract attention. For example, a package with the printed elements of your brand will stand out more than a plain brown box. Most people will remember your brand through the design and recognize it whenever they see it.

5. Environment Promotion

Using a customizable packaging option for your products can become an eco-friendly solution. Promoting the environment with your products and packaging is a great way of attracting your customers. Put up the symbols and watch as a lot of people start connecting with your brand since you help reduce the planet's carbon footprint and make a brighter future for the next generation.

Don't let this chance slip by and portray your business as responsible towards the environment. After all, there are a lot of companies out there who make packaging mistakes. No matter how great their products are if they have bad packaging harmful to the environment, they become less likely to sell.

6. Easier Reorder Information Access

Do you need your boxes to become cost-effective while remaining attractive? Make sure that your printing company lets you get reorder information like your company phone number or a link to your webpage. Make sure that the web pages printed on the packaging relate to the products in the box.

Another great way to increase your reorder rates is to include a discount code on the packaging. People always like buying products at a discounted rate. With this, your customers become more likely to use the contact information included on the package as a means of communicating their comments, suggestions, and questions.

You can also include a toll-free phone number or a website link on the package. This functions as a way for your customers to pre-order future products. It's a great marketing tool for businesses thriving through their e-commerce websites.

7. Increased Social Media Presence

Your online marketing strategy isn't excluded from your offline procedures. If you incorporate a well-made packaging for your product, you can increase your social media presence. A good trend going on right now is the unboxing videos seen in video sharing platforms like YouTube, which you can use as a method of garnering the attention of people who frequent the website.

Don't limit yourself with unboxing videos, however. You can always showcase your products with its packaging on social media networks like Facebook or Instagram. A lot of experts laud the former due to the fact that it has 2.2 billion active users every month while triumphing where other social networks failed and faded into obscurity.

You have the best means of taking advantage of these social media channels if you have custom packaging worthy of attention. Posting your packaging might help improve your customers' first impression of your products and brand as a whole.

8. Enhanced Protection

Opting for a custom packaging box often makes the protection it offers stronger. Most ready-made packaging materials don't have the same strength. There are a lot of custom packages out there made from durable yet portable materials that can withstand a lot of punishing conditions such as harsh weather or rough transportation processes.

Ready-made packaging often won't do when it comes to fragile products. After all, the added corrugation present to most custom packages adds a layer of protection that makes the item more secure and resistant to damage and leakage. A good example of this practice is the perfume companies that opt to use custom boxes that preserve their product while maintaining style.

9. Cost-Effective

Unlike the common misconception, customized boxes often carry a lesser cost in terms of the benefits it offers. Compared to ready-made packaging, you'll see that the custom boxes offer more than packaging for the product you sell. It offers an entire packaging experience made to entertain and awe your customers.

Giving your customers a memorable experience helps them become more loyal to your brand. After all, a long-lasting relationship between you and your customer develops from their consistent satisfaction. Putting your products inside custom packaging makes them look enchanting as long as it has complementary designs.

10. More Professionalism

Using custom boxes can allow you to show your business's professionalism. There are a lot of ways for you to do this, especially if you ensure that the design is sleek and streamlined. Win your customers' trust and integrate some usage directions on your packaging--this is important when your product is food, beverage, and other consumer products.

Common Problems with Most Business Packaging

"If you don't optimize your packaging design, you might hurt your brand. Packaging is one of the most important things you have to promote your business and brand. It's the face of your brand so it's important that you avoid these common problems:"

1. Internal Opinion Package Design

The main problem with relying on internal company opinion for packaging design is the lack of consumer perspective. If you have no idea about the impression your packaging makes for your brand, it could send negative messages to your consumers. Customers might feel that their opinions don't matter and that makes them seek out your competitors more.

2. Confused Brand Story

There are a lot of brands don't have the right packaging that reflects their personality. Some could stray so far with their packaging that they tell a different story. What this means is that the packaging doesn't reflect the efforts businesses poured into developing their identity.

A great solution for this is to embrace customers' first impressions. Lots of consumers put into consideration your brand's appearance in terms of colors, fonts, and icon choices. Each can impact their impression about your business, but nothing puts them off the most when your packaging doesn't communicate your brand's identity.

3. Ineffective Packaging Changes

Sometimes some businesses want to give their products a newer look. They often go great lengths to redesign their packaging for whatever reason they might have. Without considering a lot of factors, most fall into the pit trap of ineffective packaging redesigns.

It takes a lot of courage to understand and admit the packaging problem. Often, businesses try solving a non-existent problem and complain when nothing changes. The main reason behind it is the fact that some businesses don't take the time to uncover the pros and cons of their current packaging design.

Having that knowledge gives businesses a solid foundation towards formulating a great design for their package. From there on out, they possess the opportunity to present their customers a compelling reason to buy their product. It enables them to deliver the promise they worked so hard to achieve for their brand.

4. Dated Packaging Designs

Some brands' package designs become old and dated. What this implies is that there is now a disconnect between the business and the shifted expectations of their customers. Failure to optimize the design to reflect this could contribute to consumers choosing a more modern-looking brand that took the time to keep up with their customers' preferences.

Even established brands get bested by upstarts if they fail to optimize their packaging design. It's easily remedied with constant audits on the packaging's competitive features as times change. Always gauge how the design holds up against the relevant trends in society and evolve based from the observation.

Get Custom Printed Boxes Today!

Custom boxes give your business and brand a boost in marketing. It helps your brand develop into something more memorable and great. Whether it's understanding flexible packaging designs or other activities, you need to ensure that you optimize your packaging design to get the most out of your consumers.

Keep in mind the benefits stated above and plan how your custom printed boxes get their design. Avoid committing the design mistakes to ensure that your product stays relevant and more desirable than your competitors'. If you haven't started using customized packaging for your products, now is the best time to do so as it will give you the edge you need to make it far in the industry.

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