High End Packaging for Cosmetics : Achieving a Luxurious Look and Feel

Well-packaged cosmetic products look and feel luxurious before you even try them out. Find out what makes high end packaging different from all the rest.

The cosmetics industry is booming, generating $84 billion a year in sales. In order for a brand to make their mark on both the industry and consumers, they need to have high-end packaging.

The trend among millennials is to go for the prestige makeup brands. And while there are many drug-store brands that do well and will continue bringing in profits, brands must have packaging that pops. Even if a brand isn't high-end, its packaging has to be to sell their product.

If you're starting your own line or you've already launched, we'll explain why having high-end packaging separates you from the rest.

Why High-End Packaging Matters

The beauty industry is all about making someone feel beautiful. They use this to sell their brand. Before a woman even touches the product itself, it's the packaging that catches her attention.

Cosmetics companies use psychology when they're designing their packaging. They want to make a woman feel beautiful the moment she sees their product.

Studies show this works.

And yes, it can get ugly. Major brands have fought over luxury packaging ideas. The reason why is simple: They both know that cosmetic and beauty packaging sells their product. The moment someone walks in a store, they're inundated with marketing displays. The packaging is in line with the display, which speaks to the consumer.

How Companies Use it to Stand Out

There are a few ways they go about their design. Brands like Mally use simple, clean packaging for their core line. For special releases, they step it up with more whimsical packaging to let the potential user know, "This is special."

Other makeup brands target the younger demographic with bold and powerful packaging instead. Ybf is a perfect exampleThe makeup brand is prestige, which appeals to millennials. But so does their packaging. They use custom boxes with different textures and etchings to grab consumers' attention.

Then, there are the luxury brands who want everyone to know it's worth spending your money on their product. For example, Anastasia of Beverly Hills uses a signature velvet custom box for their eyeshadow palettes. The second you pick it up and unbox it at the store, you're about to justify paying more than $40 for it because of the packaging.

Private Labeling: The Worst Kept Secret in the Industry

There's nothing wrong with private labels. Many reputable cosmetics brands are private label or private brandThis is when the brand doesn't make the product. Sometimes, they don't even own a lab to create it. A supplier handles it all.

This is where a turnkey packaging service comes in. They are a one-stop shop that gets the brand's concept and takes it to the finish line. In other words, they handle the manufacturing, design, print, package, and ship the product. They work with the brand then find the right professionals to execute the brand's vision. The benefits of turnkey packaging in the beauty industry are endless.

Major retailers like Ulta and Sephora have their own branded lines. But a turnkey packaging service does it all for them. The brands, in turn, can focus on marketing, sales, and development.

Let's Work Together

Whether you're an indie brand or thinking about starting your own line, you now know why high-end packaging is a must. A turnkey packaging service may even be the answer you're looking for.

If you have a packaging service and simply aren't pleased with their results, it's time to find a company that wants to bring your vision to life.

Jansy is that company. Regardless of what service you need, we'll ensure that everything your brand represents comes through.

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