8 Essential Reasons Why You Need Quality Packaging for Your Customers

quality packaging


In 2008, Old Spice wanted to boost their image and widen their appeal with a sudden rebranding and repackaging.

The company, which has been around since the early 20th Century, suddenly went from being stagnant, old, and serious to young, hip, funny, and accessible.

Between online videos, impressive packaging, and a new outlook, Old Spice brought themselves out of a decades-long slump.

The takeaway is that quality packaging is important and makes all the difference in how customers view your product.

Today, we'll take a look at eight reasons why this is!

#1. Increases Brand Recognition

With custom packaging design, you set yourself apart from the competition. This increases brand reputation.

For example, if you're selling beauty and cosmetic products, quality packaging can differentiate you from the sea of other cosmetic products.

If someone sees a series of lipstick, all vaguely the same shade of red, but one is a cheap black plastic canister and the other is more ornate and colorful, which do they choose?

Chances are high someone will opt for the product that shows itself off more. Whether it's ornate or simplistic, standing apart is key.

#2. Provides Protection

When you opt for cheap packaging then one side effect is poor protection.

Assuming you're shipping your products across state lines or even to other countries, you need to make sure it arrives safely. Even if it's just sitting on the shelf at a store, it's still prone to damage.

Cheap packaging is not only boring but tends to be poor in protection as well.

#3. Makes You Feel Something

Quality packaging makes you feel something.

What do you see when you look at a plain cardboard box? Maybe you think of a trip to the post office or moving boxes.

What about a box with a well-designed logo or even interesting colors? Colors make us feel things and one color is different from the next. In the very least, the use of color, whether in your logo or the packaging itself evokes emotion.

No matter how big or small the reaction is, it's at least memorable.

#4. Goes Beyond Functionality

What does a package do other than contain something? It can send a message to your customers.

Do you use recycled materials? Do you use especially unique packaging? Does your package open, contain, or operate in a way that's different from a typical box?

Good packaging for your product goes beyond being functional. It serves purposes beyond holding an item.

Consider eco-friendly materials. Studies have shown that consumers are willing to put their money into socially responsible companies. When you make choices like using recycled packaging, you tell your customers that it's more than just a product.

#5. Inflates Perceived Cost

People perceive value differently than those that actually manufacture, produce, or package products. For example, a $20 item will seem more valuable compared to a similar item at $10 to most people based on the price tag alone.

And while most customers don't necessarily understand what goes into pricing a product, your packaging can help boost that perceived value.

When you put as much focus on the packaging as you do the product itself, it shows as quality in your customer's eyes. They'll see your product as being worth more than even your price tag would suggest!

#6. Can Be Versatile

Custom packaging design is not one thing.

It's more than creating a logo or designing a unique package. Your package can be an ornate box with expensive trimmings and hand-tied rustic string. It can also be a plain, bright green box with a tiny word written in the corner.

There is no formula for the perfect packaging, but the point is that it can be whatever you want it to be.

You have the freedom to choose between busy and gaudy or simple and elegant.

Maybe your product (and the company's brand) has a specific aesthetic that isn't typical of other companies. Well, quality packaging suits any company and any product. It's versatile and customizable and can be whatever you want or need it to be.

#7. Creates Buzz

You want your product to be exciting. No one sets out to make a bad or boring product.

But packaging should be treated in the same way, because good quality packaging gets people excited, and excitement is easy to share.

When someone gets excited about something, they want to tell the world. Maybe they found a really good sale and they want to share it with their friends. Maybe they learned something really interesting, so they tell people what they've learned.

Or maybe someone was so impressed with some unique packaging that they were already excited before they even opened it up.

"SNAP!" They take a quick picture, upload it to social media, or just text it to their friends. Next thing you know more people know about your product than before.

Good packaging not only improves your relationship with your paying customers but it helps spread the word, too.

#8. Makes the Right Impression

Let's take a moment to talk about impressions.

Whether you're going to a job interview, a first date, or meeting the in-laws, first impressions are crucial. We've heard the old saying countless times.

Even though we're also told to "not judge a book by its cover," it's true that we tend to take first impressions seriously. When it's the first time you view a product, you have no prior contact to draw from.

If the first impression is poor or low quality, it might make subsequent observations seem even more critical.

But when you get off on the right foot with good packaging, then you're already setting the stage for success.

The packaging is the face of your product. It's the first line of defense to assure a good review, some good buzz, or a repeat customer.

Investing in Good Quality Packaging

Packaging does more than just contain a product. Ideally, you want to go beyond housing your product in a plain cardboard box or stuffing it in a bag and calling it a day.

Good quality packaging takes your product and pushes it beyond the norm. Unique packaging:

  • Creates buzz
  • Increases brand recognition
  • Increases perceived value
  • Makes the right impression
  • and much more

If you're looking for some new packaging ideas for your product, feel free to contact us at Jansy right away!