8 Do's and Don'ts for a Successful Cosmetic Packaging Design

The beauty industry rakes in around $84 billion each year in the US. Are you competitive enough to take a big slice of that pie home?

Maybe your beauty brand is starting from scratch. Perhaps you're just due for a complete makeover.

One thing you can't gloss over is your cosmetic packaging design. How your product looks sitting on the shelf can make or break your brand.

Almost 75% of consumers say that packaging design can motivate them to buy a product. If you want to stand out in the crowded cosmetic industry, follow these eight do's and don'ts to creating successful makeup packaging design!

1) Do - Understand Your Product

Let's say you have the best longwear foundation on the market. Put it in the wrong packaging and you've sabotaged yourself.

Does your cream work best in a bottle with a pump or in a jar? Should your liquid be in a cushion style package or a roll-on applicator?

Before you start picking out packaging colors, think about the best way to use your product. If your packaging looks good but doesn't work well, you won't have repeat customers.

2) Don't Be a Slave to Trends

There's nothing wrong with riding a wave if something is popular. Sometimes latching on to a trend can bring more brand awareness and expand your customer base.

Devoting yourself completely to the latest and greatest fads is the wrong way to go. Your packaging becomes impractical, you risk looking like a one-hit wonder, and your product won't have staying power.

Be fresh and original but also think about longevity. You want to still be on the shelves long after the latest fad has faded.

3) Do - Know Your Brand's "Mood"

Have you ever looked at a package that gave you a feeling for the brand? Your design needs to be strong enough to do that for your potential customers as well.

Think about some of the big brands that are on the market right now and what kind of mood they convey. L'Oreal looks luxe but affordable; Too Faced is cute and flirty.

Sit down and think about what kind of ideas you want to convey with your brand. Ask your friends and family how they would describe your product.

Write down all of the words that you want to spring to mind when people look at your packaging. Now you need to match your beauty product packaging to these ideas. Keep reading to discover how.

4) Don't Rush Your Palette Picks

Creating a precise cat's eye seems so simple. Grab a black eyeliner, draw it on, and head out the door.

Anyone who's attempted this look knows it's not that easy. If you rush while lining your eyes, you end up with an uneven or crooked look.

Don't rush when picking out your colors and fonts. This is why knowing your brand's mood is so crucial to your success.

Colors like pink and black are all over the shelves in beauty stores. Figure out what color works best with the feelings you're trying to convey and play around with palettes featuring that hue.

Fonts can say a lot of things about the brand, too. Thin writing looks elegant; all capital letters can make it look like you're shouting.

5) Do - Understand Types of Cosmetic Packaging

Packaging for beauty products often has many layers. There's the actual package your product comes in, like a lipstick tube, the box that the package comes in, and in many cases, the package that the product is shipped in.

Try to envision the entire experience for your customer. Don't make it difficult to tear through and try to imagine all of the components working together.

As far as the actual product's dispenser, there are several that are specific to the beauty industry. Here are a few that might work best with your cosmetics:

  • Tube
  • Cushion compact
  • Airless bottle
  • Dropper
  • Pump bottle
  • Sprayer
  • Jars or tubs

Don't feel overwhelmed with all of these layers and choices. View it as an opportunity to be creative and speak to your customer.

6) Don't Forget The Legal Information

Cosmetics come into direct contact with our skin and there is a possibility of ingesting them (like lipstick) over time. That's one of the reasons why the FDA has rules regarding cosmetic packaging.

Depending on what ingredients you use and how your product is used, you'll have to have certain labels on your packaging. Information like expiration dates, ingredients, and whether or not your product is cruelty-free has to be on your package.

7) Do - Be Consistent

To be successful, consistency is key. Your brand should have a personality and fully express that across all of its packaging.

Consistency helps your customer pick your product out of a cluttered display in a store. They expect the brand to deliver the same experience over and over again, so don't let them down.

8) Don't Forget to Have Fun

Creating beauty product packaging from scratch can feel overwhelming. There are a lot of things to consider, but don't let that get in the way of your dream.

Play around with your packaging. Pretend you're a customer and see how it looks and how it makes you feel.

Get your friends and families in on it too. Have a product packaging party and see which ones you like best.

Remember why you got into cosmetics. You have a passion for beauty products and your brand should reflect that.

Bring Your Cosmetic Packaging Design to Life

With these eight do's and don'ts of successful cosmetic packaging design, you're ready to put the final touch on your vision. You've got the secrets that will get your cosmetics noticed by customers.

Still need a little expert guidance? That's what we're here for.

From concept to final product, we will work with you to ensure your packaging meets your every need. With access to top designers and a wide variety of packaging materials, we're ready to help your dream become a reality.

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