The Ultimate Guide to Creating Innovative Packaging

With 95% of products failing each year, you've got to make sure everything about your product is set to the highest standards. Part of raising the standards is innovative packaging.

Blending in all the other products in your industry isn't going to help you get the attention your product needs. There is a lot to learn when it comes to creating a product that flies off the shelves.

Continue reading this article to learn package design tips that will help you design product packaging that gets results.

Innovative Packaging Ideas to Boost Your Brand

Branding your products is more important now than ever. While some people may not think brand loyalty is alive and well, it truly is. People love buying from brands they know and trust.

If you haven't looked through our portfolio of work, make sure to check it out for inspiration. Now let's get into tips for your product packaging.

1. What's Trending & Hot?

One of the easiest hacks you can do when you're trying to figure out your packaging is seeing what is flying off the shelves. You might notice that products that aren't even half as good as yours are selling quickly.

If you notice a product is selling quickly, take notes on the packaging and see what parts of it you like. You may be able to incorporate some of those features into your own packaging.

You should never try to copy another product's packaging, you can get into trouble if you copy too much of a product. People shouldn't be confused if they look at your product next to another product.

2. Be a Rebel

It is likely that your industry has some basic rules about the type of packaging you should use. Try out some alternatives that most people wouldn't choose and get more attention to your product. Make sure the new design choice you make is still easy to use and attractive.

3. Keeping It Simple

When you're packaging your product, you don't have to make it complicated. Keeping it simple isn't going to make your product unattractive, in fact, in many cases it is better to have one major pull statement than a bunch of unneeded information.

4. Special Edition Packaging

Is there an event happening in your niche? If there is a popular event happening in your niche once or twice a year, this is an opportunity to do special edition packaging. People might even buy your product primarily because they are a fan of the event.

5. Design That's In Line

In line with the product that is. When you're creating your packaging, you need to think about how the user is going to - well, use it. If your product packaging doesn't make it easy for your customers to use the product, they are less likely to buy it.

Before you mass produce your product packaging, you should ask your consumers how they feel about it. It is better to find out if your package doesn't work for their needs before you put a lot of money behind it.

6. Incorporate the Fun

Depending on the kind of product that you have, there are different opportunities to make your product fun. You might have a jewelry company and decide to package your mail order items to look like a box of gourmet candy with individual wrappers.

Think of some fun ways to package your content and see if it is functional as it is fun before implementing it.

7. Make Your Packaging Useful & Desirable

If you can deliver value with your packaging as well as with your product, you're looking at a winner. You might put a game on the side of your package so that you can attract people that love to play games. Maybe you can put inspirational sayings that will resonate with people.

8. Easy to Hold

Have you ever bought a product you loved but you couldn't hold onto it for the life of you? You might have felt like it was the nearest thing to wet soap that wasn't wet soap!

Making sure that your product packaging is easy to hold is important. If you need to add a groove or little raised marks for an easier gripe - do it. You should also think of the demographic you're marketing to.

If the people you're marketing to have issues that might cause them to have problems holding your package you might need to go above and beyond in this area. People with arthritis will greatly appreciate it if you keep this in mind when you're designing your product packaging.

9. Choose Colors that Will Get Attention

Color is one of the easiest ways to get attention. Color is another part of the process when you think about your demographic. If you are marketing to people with a love of color, then you might need to add more pops of color to your packaging.

If you are marketing to people that prefer a more muted design, then you need to keep this in mind and use the coloring sparingly.

10. Let People See

When you can keep your design transparent so people can see what they are getting, it's always good. If you can't let people see the actual product, then have a good picture, so people know what they are getting when they purchase the product.

11. Package Responsibly

While you are trying to innovate, you still have to keep safety in mind. If your product needs a certain kind of packaging, you can't innovate the necessity out of the package.

Safe and usable are the most important things for your package, and the rest comes behind this.

Packaging that Packs a Punch

Innovative packaging is a must when you're competing in today's market. It's a very noisy world when you look at all of the various companies that are vying for people's attention.

Your product needs packaging that is going to pack a punch. You don't want your product to be an unnoticed wallflower. Contact us today to get started on your dream packaging today.